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Special Events in Vail

Snow Daze
Winter is a special time in Vail, Colorado, and one of the biggest events the city hosts all year long is the annual Snow Daze celebration. Held each December, Snow Daze is the first big event of Vail's busy season and draws thousands of visitors and some big-name bands to the city. The weeklong event features several concerts and huge parties thrown at sponsored venues throughout town. Music ranges from alternative to heavy metal, rock and more, with something to please everyone.

Vail Oktoberfest
While winter is prime time in Vail, there are big events in the fall, as well. Check out Vail Oktoberfest, which is held over the course of two weekends in September. Bring the entire family out for fun at this unique celebration, which patterns itself after the original Oktoberfest celebration. During the two specified weekends, Vail turns into a Bavarian haven, complete with traditional music, food, games and contests. Many people dress in Bavarian garb as well. Special events include the annual bratwurst eating contest, a fun run, and keg bowling.

Spring Back to Vail
When the busy season in Vail ends, you know spring has arrived. The warmer months are ushered in by a huge "Spring Back to Vail" event. Touted as the "biggest end-of-season bash in the Rocky Mountains," Spring Back to Vail shuns the cold weather outfits and urges those who attend to get busy outside. Visit to take in the World Pond Skimming Championships and see nightly live concerts by some of the biggest acts from all genres of the music industry.

Vail Film Festival
If artistic films are more your style, Vail also has you covered with the Vail Film Festival. For the past nine years, the festival has been a place where independent filmmakers and those who top the industry come together for screenings, roundtable discussions and big parties and celebrations. The event is open to both professionals in the filmmaking industry as well as those who are simply fans of good movies and want to purchase a pass to attend.

Winter Mountain Games
A fairly new event in Vail draws a rough and tumble crowd of professional athletes and their fans. For the past two years Vail has been home to the Winter Mountain Games, where ice climbers, skiiers, mountaineers, snowshoe racers and slalom bikers come together to compete for huge cash prizes and bragging rights. Events are held throughout an entire weekend in February, with plenty of excitement for spectators of all ages.

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